Teaching with Mrs. Tucker

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Mrs. Angel Tucker is a teacher here at Summerville High School, teaching both English and U.S. History, and began teaching here two years ago.

She got her undergraduate degree at Charleston Southern University in English, then went on to get her Masters degree in a joint program at the College of Charleston and the Citadel.

Mrs. Tucker had never planned to be a teacher.

“I had no desire at all to be a teacher,” Tucker explained about her original plans for the future, “then when I was in college, I loved literature and I loved history, and I realized that if I taught, I could talk about the things I love most all day long.”

Even with two degrees, Mrs. Tucker is still striving for higher education. She’s going back to school for another degree.

”I start in January, with my doctorate of education, with a focus on leadership,” Tucker stated on her continued education, “I’m one of those dorky people who loves to learn. I enjoy school, so I thought it would be another challenge to add a 3 year program on top of teaching, so it should be a lot of fun ”

“While I personally I enjoy reading and studying literature more, I probably enjoy teaching history better,” Tucker said.

Being a teacher comes with a great deal of patience when you have to teach multiple students throughout the week, especially when not all students are willing to comply with teachers. Each teacher has their own method to deal with tough situations.

“I try not to take things personally,” Tucker said, “I try to deal with issues with humor, a little sarcasm. Overall,  just understanding that teenagers are, to some degree, still children that don’t know everything yet. [It’s important] to be patient and understanding that they’re still figuring everything out.”

“My favorite part about teaching is being the one in charge and being a boss, and I’ve always been a bit bossy- no I’m just kidding,” Tucker stated with a laugh, “My favorite part is inspiring young minds, to push them to find out more about themselves. My least favorite part is grading papers.”

Before working at Summerville Mrs. Tucker worked at Givhans and was worried she wouldn’t have the same connections with students here that she did at Givhans.

“When I transferred here from Givhans, something I was worried about was, with so many students here in Summerville, would I be able to get to know the kids,” Tucker said, “That’s what I enjoyed most about Givhans: that it was a smaller setting so you got to know the students well. When I came here I was worried about being able to make a connection, and getting to know these kids. What’s stuck with me is that even with as many kids in the classrooms, you still get to know them.”

“I want to travel more,” Tucker said, “I feel like just traveling to all 50 states is very doable. I want to travel more internationally.”

Mrs. Tucker also has a particular interest in hockey.

“I got into hockey because it’s hard to be married to a Canadian and not watch hockey,” Tucker explained, “So a few years ago I started watching some games with him, and I started to catch onto the players and the rules. The Toronto Maple Leafs are my top favorite team.”

Currently in Mrs. Tucker’s class, students are reading a classic “The Great Gatsby”, which has been apart of school curriculum for decades.

“I think it helps you sort of challenge your way of thinking,” Tucker stated on the book, “ It makes you look at a different time period and see things from a different perspective, not just a 2018 mindset. You have to put yourself in the mindset of someone else at another place and time. Also you get to appreciate great literature that has withstood the test of time.”

All students deserve a teacher they can remember that inspired them, and Mrs. Tucker is one of them.

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