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Teacher Spotlight on Mrs. Hannigan

March 1, 2018

The geometry teacher, Mrs. Hannigan, is our spotlight teacher of the week.

The geometry teacher, Mrs. Hannigan, is our spotlight teacher of the week.

Dontrell Whetsell

Dontrell Whetsell

The geometry teacher, Mrs. Hannigan, is our spotlight teacher of the week.

Mrs. Hannigan has taught at Summerville High School for three years. Before teaching here, she lived in New York. Mrs. Hannigan was named Rookie Teacher of the Year during her first year at SHS. She decided to teach at SHS because it felt like a family.

“I’m originally from NY and my husband got a job in South Carolina in Dorchester County, so we went ahead and started looking around and when I went to Summerville High School for my interview it felt like a family. That’s what made me choose to stay at Summerville High School” said Mrs.Hannigan.

She decided to become a teacher after having positive teacher role models in her life that inspired her to follow in their footsteps.

“In fourth grade I had a phenomenal teacher, so I always wanted to be a teacher” Mrs. Hannigan continued.

Even though she had hardships along the way, the frustrations inspired her to try harder and overcome them in order to become a teacher.

“I struggled a little bit in ninth grade year in math. My teacher told me I would never be successful in math and that just pushed me to go ahead and be successful, so that’s why I’m now a math teacher” said Mrs. Hannigan.

Mrs.Hannigan’s favorite thing to teach her students about is trigonometry, because it is used in many careers and  is applicable to student’s lives.

“I love to teach trigonometry. Trigonometry is used in engineering, its used in architecture, its used in everything you could possibly need, so I think it’s very applicable to students lives” Mrs. Hannigan continued.

Mrs. Hannigan’s favorite thing about teaching at Summerville High School is how nice her students are. She enjoys being able to form connections with them and support them by going to different events like sport games and performances.

“The thing I like best about working at Summerville is that my students are very friendly, and I love forming relationships with them. I like going to sporting events and different theatre shows. I love the drama performances, going to their church basketball games. The students just form great relationships,and along with the teachers as well. The teachers are able to form relationships because they’re all around the same age.”

Although Mrs. Hannigan has always wanted to be a teacher, she would still want to be in a job where she was helping people.

“If I was not teaching I think I would go into the medical field. When I was in college I took a lot of nursing classes … just in case I wasn’t able to find a teaching job. So I think that if I didn’t have a teaching job I would do the nursing job because I would still be helping people.”

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