Spotlight on Mrs. Gilstrap

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Spotlight on Mrs. Gilstrap

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Mrs. Gilstrap has taught at SHS for eleven years. Before teaching here, she was a coach and taught at an elementary school. She decided to be a teacher because she liked working with students.

“I liked working with students and kids. I coached before I taught and it allowed me to be with my kids” said Mrs. Gilstrap.

Her favorite part of teaching is interacting with people and seeing when students understand a concept.

“I like seeing the aha moment on people’s faces like when they finally get a concept, that’s a lot of fun. I like interacting with people. I like teaching new things” she said.

Mrs. Gilstrap teaches World History honors, AP history, and coaches Social Studies quest. She likes learning and teaching about history because history is something you can have fun with.

“I love history, I like learning about history.Every time I teach I learn too. History you can have fun with where other subjects maybe aren’t so fun,” said Mrs. Gilstrap.

Her favorite time period in history used to be the middle ages, but are now ancient civilizations.

“I used to really like the middle ages a lot because I liked the whole knights and castles and all that, then I went to castles and realized they could be really dirty nasty places. Other times periods in history I like are are ancient civilizations like … ancient Greece and Rome.”

Although most people would give the cliche answer that it is important to learn about history because history repeats itself, Mrs. Gilstrap thinks it is also important to learn about history because it helps people enjoy life more and understand references.

“You have to know where you’re coming from and knowing history gives you so much more about the world to enjoy, like most movies have some type of historical reference tv shows have historical references, books do, and it just adds so much more to your life and if you can’t get those things then I don’t know how you enjoy all the things that are out there.”

Mrs. Gilstrap decided to teach at Summerville High School because she went to SHS as a student. She finds it hard to pick just one favorite thing about the school.

“ … It’s the greatest place in the world so I don’t know how every part of it can’t be my favorite. I like being here because I like the people.”

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