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February 26, 2016

Congratulations to Coach Little for being chosen as March’s Teacher of the Month!

Coach Little has been a teacher and at Summerville High School for 8 years and he went to high school here as well.
He became a teacher by luck and circumstance: teaching was not originally his goal, and it became an add-on with his job when he transferred here from Pinewood.

Coach Little was an Athletic Trainer at Pinewood Preparatory School before he started working at SHS, but he was transferred here as an outreach person.

He goes on to say that teaching was not something he had originally explored and then when the opportunity presented itself, he decided to do it.

As he was getting transferred to SHS the other Sports Medicine teacher left and then the offer arose to work directly for the school as a teacher.

Senior Jordan Cowee states that Coach Little is really laid-back, will be nice to you if you’re nice to him, and is a “great advice giver.”

Jordan said, “if you ever feel like you’re struggling in class just ask him, he is more than willing to help if you’re willing to learn and he’s very understanding about family situations or things that might take your mind off education. But he’s funny and overall an awesome teacher.”

When Coach Little is not teaching and being an Athletic Trainer he likes to play soccer, golf, and just be around sports somewhere.

Senior Taylor Belfiore said that, ”Coach Little is a great teacher and he actually helps you when you need it and he cares. Little will always put his students first and will do anything to make sure you know the material and achieve your goals.”

Coach Little said the thing he loves most about teaching is “the interaction with kids and still getting that interaction everyday which keeps me young.”

Coach Little’s favorite memory from teaching is seeing his former students that are now professional certified Athletic Trainers.

Thanks for everything you do for SHS, Coach Little!

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