January Artist of the Month

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Congratulations to Vanessa Risher for being nominated for January’s Artist of the Month!

Mr. Bailey, her current art teacher, stated, “She is a hard working artist that really does great work. Quite often she doesn’t get the recognition because I think judges miss on how detailed and dedicated her work is. She is very expressive; she takes her time to do things right and that’s what I really respect and love about looking at her art work.”

Risher states art is “like an escape from reality or whatever and you get to create whatever you want to create and it’s in your hands and then the finished product everyone else can admire and look at it, like it’s a celebration thing for everybody.”

She prefers to use realism with her art work.

Risher likes the relaxation art creates for her.  It allows her to express her feelings and escape reality.  The planning process is a bet tedious to her.

Risher’s artwork has been requested for Quest, an art school and gallery, but only won for participation.

In the future, she definitely wants to take art with her through college and maybe do it on the side when she gets older, but not as a career.

Congratulations for making the art program proud!

Risher supplied The Wave Breaker with some of her artwork:



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