November Artist of the Month

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Summerville Six
April 20, 2015
Congrats to our November Artist of the Month!

Maddie Kirkwood

Congrats to our November Artist of the Month!

Congratulations to Maddie Kirkwood for being the November Artist of Month!

Kirkwood has said that art has opened her eyes and shows her beauty and helps her calm down.

The thing maddie like most about her art class in that they are all easy going, positive, and has a great teacher. She is in Mr.Dillinger’s  Photography class.

In fact, Kirkwood stated, “My teacher help me with positive attitude and make my mind open.”

Her favorite type of art is mixed media.

One day, Kirkwood hopes to become a graphic designer.

The only part Kirkwood does not like is it takes awhile to see the end product as she states, ‘I’m not a very patient person.”

Congratulations, Maddie!

Kirkwood’s artwork:

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