PBIS Student of the Month

Ellen Guilford

Anna Sharpe

Ellen Guilford

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Congratulations to all of October’s PBIS Students of the Month!

Every month, each teacher will choose a student to name as Positive Behavior Incentive System Student of the Month (PBIS).

Mrs. Gumbiner, the teacher running the Student of the Month program, says that teachers “want to reward and recognize students who go above and beyond.” This is “to help encourage more people to do positive things in the school.”

Teachers recognize a student who exceeds the minimum expectations. “Wearing an ID is expected, but if a student had an extra lanyard and loaned it to a friend because they didn’t have one that would be positive behavior we would encourage,” Gumbiner explains.

Ellen Guilford, a ninth grader, is a Student of the Month for exemplifying great character in the classroom. She said that she “didn’t even know that Student of the Month was a thing.” Guilford also commented that “I guess I’m doing something right!”

Some other things that a Student of the Month will do is be polite to others, help throw away trash in the cafeteria, help someone pick up books that they dropped in the hallway.

Students who are named Student of the Month will receive a certificate. Any teacher can choose a student, it all depends on what the teacher sees.

While we shouldn’t do good things in hope of being rewarded, Mrs. Gumbiner says that “it is always great to be recognized for doing good deeds.”

So the next time you see someone trip in the halls, help them up! You might just be the next PBIS Student of the Month.

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