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Price Lenoir

Price Lenoir

Price Lenoir

Mason Baird

Price Lenoir

Mason Baird

Mason Baird

Price Lenoir

Price Lenoir

Q. What inspired you to play basketball?

A. I grew up in a family that loves sports. I enjoyed beating my brother and I’ve continued to build new relationships and opportunities.

Q.Why do you wear the number 15?

A. It was one of the only jersey numbers left, and I had to show out for my Jonathan Bennett, who wore that number last year.

Q. How long have you played basketball?

A. [I started playing in] first grade.

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration in basketball?

A. My dad is my biggest inspiration, he is my biggest supporter and has always been there for me as a father, coach and friend.

Q. What is your favorite basketball memory?

A. My favorite memories were playing in church leagues with my friends when I was younger.

Q. What is your goal for the team this year?

A. Our goal is always to go to state.

Q. What is your favorite subject? Why?

A. My favorite subject is weightlifting, because Coach Call helps me get bigger.

Q. Who is your favorite teacher? Why?

A. Mrs. Meyer is my favorite teacher because she betters her students and prepares them for the rest of their life-not just an exam.

Q. How do you manage to have time for school and basketball?

A. You have to make a lot of sacrifices and maintain an organized, efficient routine

Q. What thrives you to be a better student in school?

A. I want to give myself options when my basketball career ends

Q. What does it mean to be a student athlete?

A. A student athlete has a lot more responsibilities; you have to represent your school positively while contributing to strive in the classroom

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