Lady Greenwave celebrating a win

Dontrell Whetsell

“It’s like the first end and the first beginning,” tennis team reflects on their high school careers

October 29, 2018

Being a senior is hard. You have to apply for colleges, prepare to leave your friends behind, and start your adult life, leaving the comforts of home behind.

Some seniors choose to leave behind the sports they played when they were an underclassmen, but others stick it out and continue to play their senior season.

They get recognized for their hard work on ‘Senior Night’.

The Summerville tennis team had their ‘Senior Night’ against Fort Dorchester at the Wave Cave on October 15, but many people do not know what ‘Senior Night’ is and what these nights mean to the seniors on each sports team.

“It’s like the first end and the first beginning, we’re ending our high school career and starting our college careers and it’s the first time we’re really stepping out and starting something new for ourselves,” said senior Lizzie Naval. Dylan Zoeller cosigned this statement.

Abby Anderson

“It’s just recognizing all the hard work you put in for the last four to five years and recognizing that we’re going to leave all of the hard work we’ve put in,” said Senior Gwen Rast.

‘Senior Night’ is when a sports team looks back on the accomplishments of the senior class of players before they move on to the next part of their lives.

The girl’s tennis team had five senior in the starting lineup this year: Paige Reynolds, Sullivan Long, Lizzie Naval, Dylan Zoeller, and Gwen Rast.

‘Senior Night’ was a celebration of these girls. Their friends, family, and teachers showed up to watch them play one of their final matches as a Lady Green Wave.

“It feels good to have all this support. Throughout the years we have not typically had a lot of people out here, but I’m glad to see everyone come out for senior night,” said senior Dylan Zoeller.

Abby Anderson

“Probably the most important thing that we could have done better is building teamwork and working together and doing what’s best for the team, even if it’s not fun or best for yourself,” said senior captain, Sullivan Long.

“I was a little scared because I was in 7th grade joining a high school team,” said senior captain Paige Reynolds.

These are all girls who have grown up on the tennis team. They have been a part of this since they were seventh graders and now they are leaving to face the next match of life.

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