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SHS Wrestling team gives back

Mrs. Sears

Mrs. Sears

Mrs. Sears

SHS Wrestling team gives back

More than athletes

Mrs. Kennedy
SHS Wrestling coach, Coach Tucker, Dubose administrator Mrs. Kennedy, and senior wrestler, Will Sears celebrate Real Men Read.

Summerville High School’s wrestling team has been doing a lot more than getting sweaty on the mat. The team has been participating in some sweet community service projects.

“Coach Tucker has encouraged the wrestlers to volunteer in a variety of places, including Real Men Read at Dubose, a beautification project at Dubose, assisting with youth practices and clubs, and running tables for the middle school and youth tournaments,” explained Mrs. Sears, English teacher and mother to senior wrestler, Will Sears.

The wrestling team leaves the gym and turns to beautifying the lives of many people in Summerville.

“Coach Tucker always says that it is important to give back to our community, especially to the young kids who look up to us,” said Coty Lodge, junior.

These young adults collaborating together to do something nice for the community is really good not only for them, but for the people they’re giving back to as well. The elementary students that the team mentors really appreciate them and look up to them.

“Young kids look up to the high schoolers so much, and learn to be focused and committed not just to a sport, but to everything they do. They get so excited when the big guys help out, and will in turn learn to give back in the future,” Mrs. Sears continued.

The wrestling team often find themselves at Dubose Middle School with the SHS Leadership team showing that Real Men Read, at Knightsville Elementary School exercising with kids some mornings, and during Club Day at Newington Elementary School teaching kids about wrestling.

Overall Impact

“Our work in the community has paid dividends in our wrestling. Doing work with the kids who are less fortunate and those who are incapable of competing in athletics really humbled me and made me appreciate and enjoy every moment on the mat so much more,” described Zachary Jury, junior.

These students wrestling careers will inevitably come to an end. Some will go on to the military, get signed to colleges, or do things they love other than wrestling.

“We work so hard because we know that we won’t play sports forever. One day it will be the end of the road for my career, but it’s about what you do outside the sport – the impacts you leave on other people – that truly matter,” said Jurey.

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