Upcoming video games in 2018

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Upcoming video games in 2018

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2018 has been a pretty good year for video games, but we still have plenty of games that are yet to be released.

The first game I’ll be talking about is Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4. The game is being produced by Treyarch, Beenox, and Raven Software and it is set to be released on October 12 of this year. It will be set between the years 2025 and 2065 and is said to have three different game modes for players to enjoy. Like most of the other C.O.D. games it will have standard multiplayer which will include team death-match, free for all, etc. It will also have Zombies which will include multiple new weapons to use. The producers of Black Ops 4 have decided to drop the campaign or story mode and add another multiplayer section that has hyped up the Call of Duty community. They dropped the campaign to make room for the new game mode and because the campaign for Black Ops 3 did not do very well. The new mode is called Blackout; it’s a Battle Royale. The match will start with one hundred players jumping out of helicopters. Afterwards the players will have to find weapons to fight against each other in a free for all until only one player is left standing. The game has gone through two different Beta’s with one being the standard multiplayer and the other being Blackout. The game has been very well received by the COD community and will most likely be getting a professional league.

The next game up on our list is Red Dead Redemption 2; being created by Rock-star games, it will be released on October 26. Red Dead 2 is a prequel to the original title and is set in 1899 which is twelve years before the first game’s events take place. The game is about a gang of criminals that go across western america robbing banks and getting into shootouts. The game might be getting an online mode later in the year but that is still yet to be confirmed by Rock-star. It will not include a beta before its release so it seems that everyone will just have to wait for more game-play in the future.

Our third game is Fallout 76. It is being created by Bethesda and will be released on November 14. Fallout takes place in multiple different time periods in the twenty-second and twenty-third centuries. The games are about the aftermath of a nuclear war that completely destroyed the world in only two hours. Every Fallout game before 76 is single player and has never included a multiplayer. However, Fallout 76 is entirely multiplayer, so there won’t be any story to the game besides exploring post apocalyptic West Virginia. Due to the game being only multiplayer, every person you come across in the game will not an NPC or AI but will be another player. There will be an open beta to the game which will start on October 23. This is the same day that the world was destroyed by nuclear weapons in the Fallout universe. Bethesda has not given us much footage of the game itself but will allow people to record footage of a private beta to post wherever they want. The open beta will have set times of the day when people will even be able to play it. This has started arguments in the community with a lot of players complaining about the beta. Hopefully Bethesda will be able to figure out something to help compensate players who may not be able to play the beta because of the set times. The beta will most likely be available until a few days before the official release, so that Bethesda can fix the issues found in the beta before the official release.

Next I’ll be talking about Battlefield 5. It will be released on November 20 and is being produced by EA. It is set in the middle of World War 2 and has been through two betas. There will be a lot of game modes like team death-match, conquest, etc. EA has taken a lot of flak because of what they have done with the game. Players are upset about women being on the front lines of war in the game. This is not because the players are sexist but because they look at battlefield to be a more realistic experience and some think that women being in the game has tainted that. Patrick Soderlund is an EA critic and basically told everyone that if they didn’t like the game to just not buy it. The game’s pre-orders have been very weak. Maybe EA can still save the game but if it has a poor release, then the game will most likely be a flop.

Our final game on this list is Just Cause 4. It is being developed by Avalanche Studios and will be released on December 4. Throughout all of the Just Cause games there has been cool gadgets like grappling hooks, parachutes, wing suits, and more. Just Cause 4 will take place in the fictional country of Solis and it will be the biggest open world map in the entire franchise. Every Just Cause game has had a great story to it which usually involves taking down an evil leader of some sort. There are multiple vehicles to use in the game such as jets, tanks, armored trucks, boats, etc. Sadly there will not be any multiplayer despite Just Cause 2 and 3 having successful multiplayer mods.

The game finishing up 2018 for us seem pretty good but with 2019 rapidly approaching we can expect games like Anthem, Gears of War 5, and Resident Evil 2 to start us out for the year.

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