The art of the art program

Sydney Huff art display.

Sydney Huff

Sydney Huff art display.

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Summerville High School offers many programs that enrich students and allow for the  development of different talents, and one such program is the art program.

Mr. Bailey is an experienced art teacher and has seen the art program grow over his 18 years as an art teacher.

“We used to just have one honors class, but now we have an honors class for sculpture and ceramics for media arts and for photography. We also have our AP offerings, and we used to only have one AP class.

“And then photography and media arts used to be in a class together and used to be just one class, now they are branched off and you can take level one, level two honors, and honors four” explained Bailey.

Two students who are involved in AP Art, juniors Sydney Huff and Sophie Vigeant, have been involved in art from an early age and excel through this means of expression.

“Wanting to go to SCAD, the AP program allows me to prepare my college portfolios,” said Vigeant.

The art program allows for students to grow in other areas besides just their artwork.

“The art program has given me some of my closest friends who have been with me since my days at art classes at Rollings Middle School of the Arts, and they are a constant source of encouragement and advice for my art,” said Huff.

As the art program continues to grow many of the people who take the classes offered are thankful for their teachers and others who provide their time and effort to insure that the art program is at its best.

“Mr. Bailey always provides us with materials and a lot of working time,” said Vigeant.

“The art program at SHS has helped to force me to paint on constant basis, despite whether I felt inspired or motivated. I know if it were not for the classes I have taken or am currently taking, I would never find the time to paint in a busy schedule of balancing AP classwork and work,” explained Huff.

Bailey is excited for the growth of art within Summerville High School, but he feels that more funding could lead to a greater impact on student.

“I think if we could get better facilities, that would be great. Right now we probably have the worst facilities in the lower state. We are able to hold our own against some of the best schools in the state and sometimes blow them out of the water, but it is something that holds us back because sometimes they say the artwork was equal but theirs was painted with quality paint on canvas, and ours is painted with jug paint on cardboard,” explained Bailey.

The art program continues to produce some of the best artwork in the state and allows some of the students to continue to follow their passion for art past high school.

“We do very well with very little,” said Bailey who is in his final year of teaching art for Summerville High School.

The art program allows students to be in the National Art Honor Society and students can take a number of different classes in their 4 years as Summerville student. With more funding the possibilities for the art program could be limitless, along with the hardwork and dedication of the students and teachers.

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