Fashion Circulates

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Fashion Circulates

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What do the bikini, mini skirt, and the Little Black Dress all have in common? They have all been considered “scandalous” trends that have circulated back into today’s fashion.

Bikinis were so controversial that they were banned from public beaches in Europe and America from the 1930s until the 1960s.

In mini skirt news, Uganda still has an anti-mini skirt law in effect.

The Chanel LBD, little black dress, was all the more controversial for being extremely simple, almost minimalistic. It was even called “poverty deluxe.” Today it is an iconic wardrobe staple.

Fashion has come a long way and back again.

The 1910s were all about the corsets.

In the 1920s, flappers debuted short hair and shorter hemlines.

As the Great Depression limited availability to fine materials people in the 1930s started to dress for function and serviceability with longer hemlines while abandoning the romanticism of the 1920s.

The everyday American look of slacks and blazers continued into the 40s as World War II required the rationing of clothes, but in the Hollywood era extreme glamour arose.

The 1950s are known for frivolous play with clothing where the small hipped waist and full skirt are key.

Youthful rebellion and the idea of flower power was the feel of the 60s, however there was a breaking of fashion traditions with the different categories as well mod, rocker, and hippie vibes.

The 1970s can be described as Saturday Night Fever with the hippie counterculture having spilled over from the 60s with globally inspired prints and accessories.

With an economic boom, the 1980s brought Madonna’s Material Girl along with the idea of power dressing with business suits and shoulder pads.

Fashion in the 1990s was very minimalistic with a combination of grunge, hip-hop, and rave. The baggier, masculine undertones of oversized flannels and wide-legged pants issued a casual and minimal care free attitude.

The current 2000s style is a mashup of fashion from different time periods. There is a very recycled and vintage take on modern looks.

Each decade has taken the societal norms of fashion and twisted its own take on them, but what we can learn it that fashion truly does circulate.

Teenagers are frequently informed by older folks that a trend now originated a long time ago and that they “wore that when we were your age.”

Consignment and thrift stores have become increasingly popular among many generations. The vintage style is all the craze from flannels to overalls, etc.

Fashion will continue circulating. You never know what crazy seemingly out of date trend will come back in the years to come.

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