The Hate U Give impact on the black community

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‘The Hate U Give’ is a motion picture based on Angie Thomas’ best-selling novel of the same name, and is gaining attention for reflecting the modern day issues in America and the major dilemma between the black community and the police department. The major conflict in the movie is a major current issue affecting the black community: the current issue of police brutality and the careless killing of unarmed African Americans. The film is inspired by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ organization, which is hashtag, a rally, and a movement that will never go silent.

The African American students at Summerville High School can relate to the certain situations in the movie, scenes, and the overall meaning behind the movie to them.

“The Hate U Give is a movie you should go watch after you read the book,” Ja’vonna Mazyck stated on whether she preferred the book or the movie, “The meaning is more broad through the book and you’ll receive the message clearly.”

There is not a particular racial audience the movie is trying to attract, but it’s mostly targetting youth of different ethnicities to give insight on different issues in America.

“I believe that no matter your race you should go watch this movie or read the book, because it’s something everyone needs to see and can relate to in some way.” Daizjah Haynes stated on who should go see the movie and why.

Starr Carter, played by  actor Amandla Stenberg, is the main female character of the story. She witnesses the murder of her childhood best friend Khalil Harris, played by Algee Smith.  

“I love Amandla Stenberg! She did an amazing job in the movie and Algee Smith is fine, but I thought Starr would be darker to relate more towards the book,” Diamond Davis replied on if she expected more from the book in the movie.

The novel-turned-movie gives African American students the opportunity to see the movie in more of a nonfictional light, and exposes other students to the issues in today’s society in black communities with racism, police violence, stereotypes, and troubled neighborhoods.  

“There have been too many offenses with police brutality in the last two years and it’s becoming a norm that African Americans never get justice for the crime committed by police officers,” explained Akylah Oliver on how the movie relates to modern day issues.

In the plot, Starr and Khalil were at a house party where gang violence erupted, causing them to leave. Khalil’s failure to use a turn signal when changing lanes resulted in him being pulled over, and then asked to step out of the car when he aggressively answered irrelevant questions. He made the mistake of grabbing a his hairbrush on the seat when the police officer saw it as a weapon and shot him without hesitation.

“Our skin color is automatically seen as a weapon and you have to corporate at all times or one false decision could be that state of life or a death situation,” Brianna Geddis commented on how she felt about watching Khalil get shot.

“I just wanted to portray the way kids’ lives are,” the film’s director, George Tillman Jr. told Variety in July, “I would love kids to be living in a PG-13 world. They just aren’t.”

The Hate U Give is not just a movie to African American students at Summerville High School. It’s a movie that everyone need to see and understand that different ethnicity have different customs and we should not let police brutality become a norm.

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