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Living through the gospel

April 3, 2017

Growing up in the church had a large impact on Summerville student Kelontae Gavin. His musical ability has enabled him to start a career and inspire those around him.

Early on, he knew he would use his talent within the church community.

“Everything else I tried wasn’t for me, my safe place, the place that brought me joy, and most of all love, was in the church” Gavin shared.

This video posted on Youtube is what helped Gavin get his start (Youtube)

At age four, his environment influenced him to begin singing.

“My interest in music developed at an early age, I grew up in the church where my family was very musically inclined so it’s in my DNA,” Gavin stated.

Although he shares his talent within the church, Kelontae hopes his daily actions impact much further than that.

“I want others to see and hear more than the gift God has given me, it is important when they are exposed to him rather than myself” Gavin said.

His abilities have carried him to places he could never imagine; However, one opportunity stands out the most. “The highlight of my journey so far was when I was able to go on tour with my label mates in the spring/summer of 2016” he shared.

Struggle and success go hand in hand. Throughout his journey, Kelontae has faced not only external, but internal struggles. “Being my age and not accepting the opinions of others was a struggle because it has the capacity to hinder you from succeeding in life,” he stated.

“I know now that my biggest struggle was believing that I could get to where I am now” continued Gavin.


Positive influences can make a world of a difference when it comes to achieving success. For Kelontae, his pastor has played an important role in his life. “Dr. Norman Armstrong once told me not to let my charisma carry me where my character couldn’t keep me” Gavin shared.

Currently, Kelontae is spending time in school preparing for graduation. However, he is already sure of what he wants to accomplish in the future.

“I plan to make a major difference in the community. I want to touch the lives of young people all over the world” Gavin said.

Along with making a difference, he hopes to one day be an entrepreneur, a business owner, and a music mogul, but ultimately, he hopes to be a life changer.

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