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Xander Norwood
Alexander Norwood, also known as Xander, is a 14 year old Freshman at Summerville High School and in the Class of 2022. This year is Xander’s first year with the Wave Breaker and joined it because there wasn’t really any more options for electives available. Xander has a personality of being shy, nervous, and he is usually quiet. Despite this, he can also be incredibly nice and sometimes cracks some jokes in class. He is also incredibly talented at the Clarinet and has a good taste in music. He is a very honest person. In addition to that, he is a great photographer. He loves classic games and computers, and also likes to write. He dislikes modern trends, sports, and rap music. Most of the time he can be a little stressed out because of his incredibly difficult classes, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of what he likes to do. Usually he doesn’t like to get out of his comfort zone, but this year he’ll make sure that it doesn’t get the worst of him.

Xander Norwood, Staff Writer

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Xander Norwood