Marvel’s Spider-Man: a Marvelous Experience

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*spoiler warning for those who haven’t experience this wonderful game, keeping the spoilers brief though*

Insomniac Games released Marvel’s Spider-Man on September 7, 2018. The game takes place eight years after Peter Parker gets his spider abilities from his genetically mutated eight legged friend. With me growing up being a really huge Spider-Man fan, I had high expectations for this game and wasn’t let down for a moment. The game did an amazing job keeping me entertained and it flourished with the many easter eggs it had throughout the game.

The game takes you inside twenty-three year old Peter Parker’s life for a small period of time. Peter is sleeping until his alarm goes off, when he wakes up surprised at what’s going down, shooting up out of bed and putting his suit on, checking on his web-shooters and looking at a bill on the floor showing he’s struggling with his responsibilities as Spider-Man and as Peter Parker. That one small scene right there already shows what you’re getting into. Peter could’ve paid his bills and go on about his day or go and start taking care of Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) and his secret criminal activities. The game starts off where the cut scene left off, of Spider-Man doing some serious parkour throwing you in with some smooth web-swinging. Later on when you’re able to use your skill points you’re able to purchase air tricks for the sake of helping you just a little on leveling up Spider-Man.

The first story mission you’re thrown into, Spider-Man must stop a few of Kingpin’s goons. The combat is very fluent and the “spider-sense” mechanism makes it easier to dodge incoming enemy attacks. The game has a few enemy types ranging from brutes, snipers, brawlers, missile launchers, and armored thugs. The game has three criminal factions that the player will come in contact with throughout their gameplay.

The game has plenty of suits for you to choose from. Many of which come from famous storylines such as Scarlet Spider from the infamous Clone Saga, Miguel O’ Hara which is from Spider-Man 2099, Tony Stark’s homecoming suit, Spider-Punk, Spirit Spider, Spider-Man last stand, and many more! Each suit also has a specific suit power that you can use to help you defeat enemies and sometimes help with combat or stealth missions.

The game has these backpacks from Peter’s high school years, that tell story on Peter’s early years as Spider-Man that also gives off little references like Matt Murdock’s (Daredevil) business card.

“This blind guy gave me his business card and said it was for just in case Spider-Man ever needed a lawyer. Wait if he’s blind, how did he know I was Spider-Man?” said Peter.

Or like when Spider-Man finds this old plushie that he gets excited about, but realized he couldn’t get money for it, because that will share his secret identity and he couldn’t do that so he’s still broke and some of the backpacks include tons of cool things from his early years as the quirky webhead.

The Sinister Six, are a group of villains who were promise something from Doctor Octopus to make their lives better.

Rhino a huge russian brute, was promised a way to take his suit off and stop his life of crime. Vulture a smart old man was promised a suit and a cure for his spinal cancer. Scorpion was promised a clean slate a fresh new start. Electro, a shocking dark man who’s one and only goal was to become pure living energy. Mr.Negative, who is known as Martin Li a man, who also created F.E.A.S.T, wanted nothing more but to destroy Norman Osborn, for the corruption and destruction that he cause and for being the one who’s responsible for the death of his parents. Doctor Octopus, a man who at one point believed in helping others, suffers from a mental illness and slowly succumbing to his machinery and showing his dark ambition to destroy Norman Osborn, for stopping his funding and putting him in the ground.

These villains play the part of doing what they feel is the right thing so they can obtain what they want and what they desire no matter the cost. Insomniac uses the characters and plays wars on their dynamics and their position as not only villains but humans who want justice towards those who have made them outcast and made them the monsters everyone calls them.

Marvel’s Spider-Man gave an amazing flushed out story, cutting deep with the emotional elements. At some points, it even made me cry.

Seeing Peter go through with his life and seeing who his true friends are. Spider-Man is a character that can never seem to catch a break. He feels the need to put the weight of the world on his own shoulders, trying to solve everyone’s problems, especially for the people who are the most important in his life.

His acts of selflessness shows through in all of his relationships.

Peter looks up to Otto Octavius, a man who dwells in prosthetics and is dealing with his disease that lies within his brain and who constantly wants to help.

Mary-Jane who’s now a reporter for the Daily Bugle, helps Peter and tries to put her feelings aside for Peter and tries focusing on helping him with the gang violence in New York.

Miles Morales a African-Hispanic-American, losing his father in Mr. Negative’s attack on Mayor Osborn, grieving and tries to make his life better for him and his mom working at F. E. A. S. T. seeing the corruption and tries his best to be someone.

Aunt May the head woman at F. E. A. S. T. taking in Miles and even seeing a young grieving Peter Parker inside of him. She’s constantly taking in the homeless and nursing him back to health. She’s the glue in Peter’s life and who always supports and loves him through and through.

These characters the dynamic emotion and dark aspect they bring to this game and in characters, is beautiful all around and it’s one of the games defining features.

The most heart-racing part in the whole game is when, Aunt May is on her deathbed and Peter goes to see her as Spider-Man. The scene truly cuts a deep scar. “Y-You’re going to be okay ma’am..we got the cure right here..” “take off your mask, I wanna see my nephew..” “You knew?..” “I’ve known for awhile..” “I never wanted you to worry..” “I did..I am so proud of you and Ben would be too, all the people you saved.” “I don’t know what to do..” “yes you do.” Peter knew that the anti-serum in his hand was needed to cure more people than just his aunt but he couldn’t, being hesitant Peter sacrificed the one person who meant the most to him, so everyone else can be cured. The final shot of a grieving nephew, on his knees holding his aunt hand crying at the sound of her life line going flat.

This game brought my love and admiration for the web-head back to the surface. The time and effort and passion that was put into this project is greatly appreciated among the marvel fans and big time spider-man fans like myself. The excitement hasn’t died down for me at all, with spending hours upon hours just swinging and even starting new games, and with DLC on the horizon, this game will bring comic book fans and gamers together for a fantastic experience.  

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