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Well Wavebreaker, this is it.

Four years have come and gone, and as I look back on the journey to where we are now and I can’t help but smile.

From our first year, a thrown together class of 12, not knowing at all what journalism was. Given nothing but a yellow webpage with Kelly Green writing and armed with fresh-faced excitement. Lab 174, the place where it all began. Where we learned and worked together, creating from scratch an amateur yet award-winning news site.

Then our second year, the class growing in size and experience. The excitement over raising enough money to buy our first camera and the doors that camera opened for us. Attending important conferences like SIPA and SCSPA and winning a sizable amount of awards, making a name for ourselves statewide.

To our third year, watching as our staff became more student-led and remained as driven as ever. The site improving daily, the awards pouring in, the school finally starting to notice us because “we have a newspaper?” New, never-before-seen organization in the newsroom that allowed us to cover more stories and reach even more people. Leaving the spring SCSPA conference with an All-State rating.

And then finally, to here. The end of our fourth year. Our staff more diverse and experienced than ever before. The growth and success of our site attracting companies, companies that hired members of our staff to design webpages for them. The Wavebreaker exploding into a multimedia news site as our videos became more regular and high quality, our infographics became more informative and organized, and our social media presence grew. And finally, finally being able to cheer and jump up when Summerville High School’s The Wavebreaker was awarded Best in State at SCSPA.

We worked so hard to get to where we are right now. So much was stacked against us, but we worked around each obstacle and tackled every challenge as a team. We learned and grew together, building a state-winning news site from the ground up. All of that growth and success in four short years. Never could an Editor-in-Chief be more proud.

And now, we seniors have to say goodbye.

It’s a bittersweet end to one heck of a journey, and I’m going to miss The Wavebreaker dearly. I’ll miss this publication and the wonderful staff behind it, even if said staff showed love by driving me up the wall daily. I’ll miss botched interviews and google images not labeled for noncommercial reuse, forgotten deadlines and incorrect quote formats, and constantly saying “this isn’t shared with me, you have to share it with me.” I’ll miss SIPAs and SCSPAs, days spent in the newsroom on the back couch because “I just can’t journalist today”, and playing Papa’s games on the computers when our work was finished — or sometimes wasn’t. I’ll miss the second family this staff became, the home the newsroom was for us, and the mom Ms. Neal was to us all.

But I’m not worried about y’all. I know firsthand what you guys are capable of. Over these past few years I’ve read every article to come across my google drive and make it to the webpage. As I read I didn’t just scan and fix simple grammar and AP style mistakes, I watched the progress each writer made. Each day I got to witness as this staff got better and better, making the Wavebreaker what it is today.

Good luck, Wavebreaker staff. We pass the torch to you.

I can’t wait to see where you take this publication.

(Hopefully to nationals, that would be awesome).




Addition: I had to upload this story myself because Tommy wouldn’t do it

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