Dove’s new commercial is racist

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If you haven’t heard, Dove released a Facebook ad that showed a black woman in a brown t-shirt. When she took the shirt off, it revealed a white woman with a ivory t-shirt on. When the white woman took her shirt off, it showed an asian women. This ad caused major controversy over social media this past weekend. Dove took the ad down, and apologized on twitter for their misrepresentation of black women.

This is not Dove’s first time being under fire over racial controversy. In 2011, Dove released an ad that showed three women of different races, black, latina, and white. They were in a line, and at the top it showed “before and after”. This caused a huge backlash against the company; people thought that they were trying to say that lighter skin is better.

As black people, we constantly see ourselves being misrepresented in the media. Dove’s commercial was another sad example of it. We don’t think that this was done on purpose, but it is questionable. Since Dove has had this same type of incident before, it would make sense for them to be more cautious around the subject.

Many people think that Dove knew exactly what they were doing. Honestly, we think that Dove has the wrong people doing ads to represent people of different races. They were probably trying to be creative, but it backfired. They did not execute their idea in the correct way. Sometime less is more.

This ad will continue to have a lasting effect on young, impressionable black teenagers causes years of self-hatred that is pretty hard to get over. Dove, the first time seems a little suspect, but the second is just low. The ad was something that we never thought we would see in 2017, but it appeared anyways. We appreciate Dove’s apology and hope that Dove won’t repeat something like this for a third time.

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