How to beat back to school blues

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Going back to school can be tough, especially when everyone had two months to sleep in and chill out. Many students have different tricks and tactics to help them survive the back to school blues.

Quite a few people pack lunch, and if you don’t you should consider it. You could save some time at lunch and still have a delicious meal.

“I pack lunch and I used to wake up earlier to make my lunch, but now I make my lunch at night so that I don’t have to wake up early” said Kierstyn Howe, sophomore.

All of us have struggled getting up, and we don’t think there are any possible ways to make that easier, but there are a few different things that may make your morning easier.

“My phone has at least seventeen alarms on it. I also keep water next to my bed, I read it helps wake people up” shared Sabrina Avila, sophomore.

“Sometimes when I’m struggling with getting up, I will force myself out of bed and start my morning routine. Then I will go back into bed so that when my alarm goes off it’s easier to wake up and face the day” shared sophomore, Hailey Lippy, on her different approach.

Throughout high school everyone meets at least one person they dislike. Sometimes it is hard to ignore them. The best thing to do is to ask yourself this question: is the drama worth your future?

“There are some people that I just can’t stand; I find it’s easiest to just block them from all social media and ignore them at school” said Rebeccah Harley, freshman.

When school starts and tensions rise, school is one of the first places that arguments occur.

“I usually keep to myself and I find that if you don’t go looking for a problem, then you won’t find one” explained Matthew Hill, junior.

This school year may have already started, but it’s not too late to change your routine.

Getting back in the routine of waking up early and going to school can be rough, but hopefully these tricks can make it a little easier.

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