How Trump can affect the 2020 election

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Since 2019 has started, the 2020 presidential election campaigns have begun, and numerous candidates have already launched their campaigns or exploratory commities. Although, the current actions of the President could turn the tables on the potential outcome.

From the Democratic Party, candidates Cory Booker, Julian Castro, John Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris, John Hickenlooper, Jay Inslee, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and many others have all declared that they are running in 2020 (information found here). It is also speculated that former Vice President Joe Biden will launch his campaign within the coming weeks.

The Republican Party, on the other hand, has an underwhelming two candidates: President Donald Trump and Bill Weld, according to Wikipedia. These numbers are bound to change, however, seeing as we are still early in the year and the election isn’t until November 2020. Although, this is usually the case when the current President is trying to get re-elected, like how there were not many democrats in the 2012 election as Barack Obama was trying to get re-elected.

As of March 5th, President Trump faces very little competition in his party, and there is a lot of other political controversies going on that are a priority over the election. Trump’s most formidable opponents are Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

The Republican Party, as of now, has been very shaky between opinions within the party. President Trump has made many decisions that a large amount of people, both in the Republican and Democratic parties, have not agreed on. As someone who does not agree on most, if not all, of the President’s decisions, I think that this will cost the President a large amount of voters in the election, which could affect his current and future actions, but also his position as a politician. Some of the things that he does can do significant damage to not only from his supporter’s perspectives, but also the perspectives of the politics and other people around him.

Some of the controversial things that President Trump has done are shutting down the government to fund the border wall, which put a large amount of people out of work for a while; not helping Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, which could have helped a lot of people as some parts of the island are still heavily damaged; sending the national guard over to the Mexican border and trying to declare a national emergency there, even though it was just some peaceful immigrants wanting to come into the country; and trying to build the wall, which will cost way too much money and would be very ineffective, as by the time it would be built, President Trump would be out of office.

These decisions that he has made has split the Republican party into being for or against him, and this could drastically affect his position in the 2020 election. In addition, the way the President’s decisions affect his voters decisions, as the things he has done can affect the lives of many voters, most notable government workers being put out of their jobs because of the government shutdown from last month. The Popular Vote is one thing that candidates need to rely on in order to win the election, and the President’s actions so far have caused his future voter count to drop, and if he keeps it up, it will drop even further.

People have made a lot of predictions about who will run in the election and what the outcome could be, but they can easily be debunked, and some people have even said that they won’t run when people thought they would. For example, Hillary Clinton stated that she would not run in the 2020 election, even though a lot of people thought she would. In addition, leaks and rumors can cause a large amount of speculation in the election, only for people to find they are false. I have seen many leaks and rumors, both in the election and in other forms of media, that look real and cause a large amount of outburst, only to find that they get debunked and are completely false. Even if, future actions that are made can change the course of many things, so even if the rumors seem true, one bad decision can change a large amount of things.

Personally, I believe that the election outcomes will be a lot different than in 2016, as there is more fierce competition, at least with the Democratic Party, and that some decisions that have or are being made by President Trump could potentially change voters’ minds. The future cannot predicted, so things could turn out completely different than expected. Also, the electoral college could completely turn the tables in comparison to the popular vote, like the 2016 election where Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but President Trump won the electoral college.

Elections are something that we just can and cannot control, and that whatever happens in the future, we just have to live with it. However, when people voice their opinions, they can change the outcome of what happens. While this is not always the case, sometimes it makes a big difference, and we will just have to wait and see the results once the election occurs.

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