Should police watch over homes during states of emergency?

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During states of emergency when people are ordered to evacuate, some people loot the homes of evacuees, which is a criminal offense. Many wonder police officers watch over neighborhoods whenever there’s a state of emergency so situations like these don’t happen.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, Pawley’s Island resident Coleman Tudor was arrested for looting homes of evacuees in his neighborhood and charged with 17 counts of various burglary offenses. Most of the time there are power outages during these moments meaning security systems may be disabled so it is difficult to catch the culprits. Therefore, police officers should watch over neighborhoods during these times so there is not as much crime.

In moments like these, those who choose to evacuate worry that their homes may be looted, as they are very vulnerable during those moments. People shouldn’t have to worry about their houses being at risk when events like these occur. They would feel much safer if they knew that their houses were safe if they knew that their houses were being protected by someone who’s trusted.

Some students at Summerville High School are potentially mixed about the situation.

“As long as [the police] if they protect the outside perimeter, I’m fine if they look over my house.” says Sean Durham, Sophomore at Summerville High School. “I would be comfortable if they did look over my house if I had to evacuate. I would still be fine if they didn’t look over my house, though.”

“If it were me, I would take everything that has value to me with me as long as I could. The premise of a police officer watching my house seems kind of odd to me, just the way that it’s proposed.” says Jeniya Brown, Freshman at Summerville High School. “It wouldn’t hurt to have someone watch over my house. I would feel insecure about leaving my things behind. It would honestly cause a lot more stress than there would be if it was protected.”

I believe that police officers should look after homes and neighborhoods during times like these. If I had to evacuate and couldn’t take my valued possessions, I would have trust in the police officers to make sure nothing bad happens to the valued items, as long as it isn’t too dangerous for them. As a person who can be anxious, I would be grateful to have an officer look after my things, knowing that I had nothing to worry about. After all, it costs a lot of money to replace valuable things that are lost, broken, or stolen.

Seeing as during these times the power is usually out, security systems would be down and unavailable to protect neighborhoods and houses, so if police officers watched over their homes, robbery rates during States of Emergency would go down.

Although some people are ambivalent on the idea of police officers watching over their homes and possessions during a State of Emergency, officers watching over homes would make a lot of people comfortable knowing their valued belonging that they cannot take with them are protected by people who are trusted.

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