What has Kanye done?!

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What has Kanye done?!

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“We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.


Last week, Kanye West broke the internet by posting many tweets about his philosophies, music, and more importantly, his support for President Trump.


John Legend, a good friend of West, texted him asking him to rethink his support for Trump because his fans would be hurt by his comments. West then posted the comments on Twitter and said that people were manipulating his free thinking.


West is tangled in a lot of bad publicity for his comments. He released “Ye vs. The People” with T.I. to convince his support for Trump, but it isn’t helping his case. Because earlier this week, he said that slavery was a choice.


West was already in hot water, and his most recent comments made it worst. Even though his comments were very debatable, he can voice his opinion and he most likely knew that he would get bad publicity for it.


“I already didn’t like him to be honest. It didn’t make me feel anyway towards him because everyone is entitled to their opinion, your opinion may be wrong but you still can voice your opinion” said senior Tahja Jones.


But could all of this be a publicity stunt? He said that his new album would be coming out on June 1st after he posted his controversial comments.


“Nobody really listens to Kanye, so he’s trying to do something to be more famous but he did it the wrong way” said senior Tahja Jones.


What he said could be what he honestly believes, but he most likely said this to add attention to himself for his new album.


West doesn’t seem to care about what anybody has said about him. If anything he accomplished his goal of getting into the public eye. People are posting constantly about the If Slavery Was A Choice hashtag on Twitter.


The more people entertain his ignorance, the more West accomplishes his goal of being in the public eye.

“He thinks he’s god and he’s not. In my eyes,  he’s just a rapper that’s not even that good.” said junior Amira Davis.

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