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Rising pet culture: for and against

November 30, 2017

For pet culture

Pet culture has been on the rise, an increase in pet luxury can be seen in all aspects of media. Celebrities pampering their dogs and kittens taking cat naps on expensive pet furniture are starting to become a normality.

“Almost everyone in my class has adopted a pet or used to have a pet. It has become very popular to have one to keep you company and to make you happy” said Cameron Bicknell, sophomore.

This is not the first time or the last that our pets have been pampered. Past monarchies had many kings and queens invite many luxurious pets into their castle. In more recent times Paris Hilton and other celebrities toted around pocket pets in their designer purses.

Some people disagree with the excessive expenses spent on pets, but most people claim if you have the money and want to pamper your dog, why not?

“If I like massages, why can’t my dog? He loves petting and cuddling! Its my business if I want to spend my own money on my pet, I don’t know why so many people are upset about it when it does not affect them” shared Asia Allen, sophomore.

There is canine acupuncture, kitten couture, and fancy bird jackets. Some pet owners will argue that they increase the quality of their life, they say it can de-stress the tightest coiled animal.

“If I were a pet I would want to be surrounded in luxury, even as a human I love to spoil myself. I think my cat appreciates the presents and gifts I give her. She loves getting new things” explained Mackenzie Colvin, freshman.

We all understand that our pets may need a few extra items when we adopt them, such as anti-lick spray or extra cat litter, and that’s okay. So should be a few more toys and anything extra you find along the way.

Paying for your pet is not just vet visits and food costs, you need to get them new things every once in awhile. When things age new expensive arise, but they are necessary for the comfort of both the owner and the pet.

Some expenses are solely for the owner, that squeak toy that your dog never chews was bought not for practicality but for the cute shape, or that sparkly collar thatdoes not matter to the animal. These are cute and there’s nothing wrong with the satisfaction that comes from buying animals new items that please them.

“We all love our pets and we want to give them the best we can. If we can afford it why not spend the extra money on their wellbeing? I try to make sure my pets know that they are loved and if getting them a few more toys is spoiling my pet then most animal owners would be indulging their pets all the time” concluded Garion Hohn, senior.

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    Against pet culture

    As a society we love pets. We have dogs, cats, fishes, ferrets, bunnies, basically any furry or scaly friend we can have. It doesn’t matter what animal you prefer, we can all mostly agree that having a pet is a rewarding responsibility and having a pet’s companionship it is well worth the trouble of ownership.

    More often than not we will see countless animal accounts littering the Instagram explore page, Snapchats dominated by animal accounts, and the top tweeted videos are most likely to be of an animal doing something cute.

    There is nothing wrong with the popularity of these pets, but as animal social media accounts increase the number of adoption rates increases as well.

    With all these adoptions new dog groomers, pet shops, animal bakeries, and even dog masseuses have increased.

    Now we all know that we love our pets, but are masseuses necessary? We love our precious pooches, but do our animals even realize that they are being pampered? Or do they care? Maybe not. It seems like these treatments, treats and toys are more for the owner than for the pet.

    Any advertisement you see for pets are targeted towards their owners because they have money and dogs can’t talk or read or go to the store and buy for that matter.

    They use your love for you pet against you, knowing you want the best for your pet and will buy the most expensive treats, the fancy dog bed, and much more unnecessary spending when in reality your dog, cat, snake, bird, or hamster does not care.

    “My dog does not care what it sleeps on, or what brand of food they eat. They don’t even notice if I switch for the cheaper brand they still love them. All these fancy treatments and products targeted towards our pets are honestly unnecessary and do not matter. As long as you love your pet and get it what it needs it will love you back and will have a loving and amazing life” shared Kaitlyn Perrone, sophomore.

    People put too much emphasis on the brand, the name on the label. The names are what raises the cost, the value is not dictated by a name-brand.

    As long as a product will last that’s all that matters. That it will not get destroyed within 2 minutes of wear or use.

    “Your animal cares about you no matter how much money you have, how fancy your house is, all animals want is your love, and treat or two” concluded Brittany Hewett, sophomore.

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