More awareness for marital rape

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More awareness for marital rape

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The topic of rape has taken the news by storm for the past few years. Within just weeks sexual assault allegations towards celebrities such as rapper Nelly, movie powerhouse Harvey Weinstein, and unfortunately many others over time have come to light.

As prevalent as rape is, there is a subsection that is not vastly talked about and many do not even know the depth of the assault. As a young woman it pains me when I see statistics of studies which have shown that between 10% and 15% of women have been raped by their husbands. Marital rape is an extremely touchy and often uncomfortable topic to discuss.

Don’t men have the right to have sex with their wives?

The historical view of marital rape provides that it is simply the husband’s right to sex, however, it is said that spousal rape is more about having force and control than having sex. Relationships with domestic violence as a part see a 70% rise in chances of spousal rape.

Marital rape is a severe issue that many people are unaware of and should be mindful. Women must be informed in order to protect themselves from being put in situations where they could be taken advantage of by their husbands.

Marital rape laws need to be brought in line with domestic violence laws.

In 2015, South Carolina was ranked one of the worst states in the nation for deadly violence against women, according to a report by the Violence Policy Center.

In response to the growing problem, domestic violence and gun ownership were top of the discussion in the South Carolina Legislature and former Governor Nikki Haley increased penalties for the offenders. Kristen Rand, of the Violence Policy Center commended South Carolina along with other states in the grasp on violence and increase in training of 911 operators, and simply raising awareness. The amazing amount of progress and care with the issue of domestic abuse needs to be taken in order to reduce the number of rapes.

The first step is once again to inform. Continuous informing of the public allows those in the situations to directly find the help that they need.

Organizations including the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) National Sexual Assault Hotline must be further recognized in an option for a safe place to confide in a trained specialist. There is no justification in rape of any kind and marital rape is not an exception.

Each state needs marital rape laws that are treated at the same caliber of other cases of rape and domestic violence.

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