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SHS students react to the possibility of new dress code

March 13, 2017

Students fear that a mandatory school uniform will take away their individuality.

Students fear that a mandatory school uniform will take away their individuality.

Anna Sharpe

Anna Sharpe

Students fear that a mandatory school uniform will take away their individuality.

Individuality is what gives a person character. Summerville High has a dress code that allows students to dress how they want to dress so they can keep this individuality with reasonable restrictions.

Some of these restrictions include dresses, skirts and shorts must be fingertip length, boys are not allowed to ‘sag’ their pants, and shirt straps must be at least three fingers wide.

These are appropriate rules because they allow students to still dress within their style and show individuality.

Some state representatives are working to implement a new statewide dress code. This new code will force students to collectively wear matching uniforms that will be either state based or school based.

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Uniforms may be unfavorable with some students, but to others, uniforms may be a relief.

“Although sometimes I do like dressing up for school, I spend too much time trying to find what to wear everyday” said Grace Simpson, freshman.

The time students spend stressing about their outfit for the next day could be spent doing more important things like schoolwork.

Students won’t have to worry about keeping up with the trends inside high school. Instead, everyone will dress the same.

Also, the amount of students that are sent to in school suspension (ISS) due to dress code violations, instead of being in class, will be minimized.

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“Style to me is a way to express myself and show my personality” said junior, Gracie Bates.

To some students, style is a big part of their character and allows them to have a creative outlet while at school.

There was an overwhelmingly negative opinion in regards to school uniforms.

The new dress code that is being considered will take away individuality, replacing it with collectivity.

“I believe everyone has a right to dress how they want to and be able to show off their own style. The new dress code will take that away and cause a moral issue because students won’t want to be confined to a certain look,” concluded Sam Everson, junior.

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