The Representation of Schools at the Region Band Clinic

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The Region Band clinic was on Friday, February 22, and the 40 students who made Region Band represented our band and school in a great way.

Every year in January, the Region Band auditions take place. If a student does well in the audition, they earn the chance to go to an Allstate audition. However, if the student does not make Allstate, they get placed in the Region Band, which is still very good accomplishment.

Over 40 students from Summerville High School made the Region Band this year. The band is for Region 4, which consists of most of the Lowcountry.

Although Region Band is not as big as the Allstate Band in terms of importance and difficulty, it still has a large amount of members.

Region 4’s Band this year will be at Charleston Southern University, meaning that it won’t be an overnight trip or have any extra activities that do not have to do with the band, unlike Allstate.

“It represents Summerville High School by showing how good our band program is with the more people getting into Region Band each year,” said Parker Draheim, sophomore and 8th chair clarinet in the Clinic Region Band, “The benefits are that you get experience from different directors from the years of experience from Region Band, and you are around other people with similar playing style to you. The best part would be playing the new music and the experience of it as a whole.”

One of the main ways students are judged is by how they behave during the clinic in its entirety. When students behave well during the clinic, it gives people observing a good impression on the school and band program as a whole.

Another way to judge the students is by looking at their skill and cooperation with the band, as it can help the band get into more serious competitions. The directors are also heavily represented in the band, as they help out, direct the band, or have their own compositions used. Mr. Gilreath, the band director here at SHS, had one of his own compositions played by the Junior Region Symphonic Band.

Region Band is one of the many important experiences for a band student. Not only do they learn new things, meet new people, and have a fun time overall, but the experience leaves a last impression on them and it can help them strive to do much more.

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