New and improved weight room

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New and improved weight room

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The new weight room at Summerville has just hit its one year anniversary. Coach Self has moved into the weightroom as now the full time strength coach The new leadership and physical changes have already made a huge impact on the high school students.

Summerville High Schools weightlifting class for student athletes and students. This class has been around for many years at Summerville, but at the start of last year they finished the building of the new and improved weight room.  

The reason why the new weight room was necessary is because of the need of more racks and more area for more students to lift at one time.

“The new weight room makes it so easy for us as students to workout, with 2-3 students at a rack makes it so much more efficient to lift and get big,”   said student and player Luke Taylor.

“With the new weight room we have grown from only having 8 lifting stations to 16,” said Coach Call. There has been double the amount of lifting, and double the amount of students being able to lift.

With the more space being able to lift in the weightroom, adds to the more areas for new things to work on from leg machines to shoulder machines.

How has the new equipment and the room made changes to the workout ethic?

“Students in high school need to work on whole body improvements rather than just one main part of the body,” Coach Call explained. This also opens up many opportunities for teenagers to get stronger everywhere rather than just one part.

With this class being open to all, it does not just focus on student athletes but to everybody who has the necessary work ethic. Coach Call and his assistants in the weight room have a great variety of workouts for the full hour and a half class period.

“I think the new weight room along with the block schedule for a longer workout period, and the new weight room helps us work with them more,”  Call stated.

“With the new room it makes it easier for us to watch and see students doing the correct things,” Call explained how the new weight room is easier to work on form and get through the workouts.

Overall the building and investment of this new room has been a huge jump for Summervilles future in athletics and continue the legacy of success at Summerville.  

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