Theater students present “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

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This fall, the Summerville High School theater department is performing Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The performances are on November 15,16, and 17 with a middle school performance on the 14.

The theater program decided on “Midsummer Night’s dream” as their play because of its interesting plot. The main focus of the play is broken up into three plot-lines. It begins with Hermia, a young woman in love with a man named Lysander. Hermia’s father demands that she marries Demetrius, whom Hermia does not like.

The second plot-line follows Oberon, a king of fairies and Titania his wife. It highlights their issues within their marriage. To embarrass Titania, Oberon plans to create a love potion to make her fall in love with someone shameful.

The next plot follows Peter Quince (one of six mechanical) and his quest to put on a play within the “Midsummer Night’s Dream” universe.

“As a group we have worked so hard to make sure every detail of this production is perfect. I know countless hours have been spent on perfecting the sets, memorizing lines and making sure everything else will run smoothly on performance days.”said Nadia Crawford, Helena in Midsummer Night’s dream.

The actors in the performance have all been working since late September to put on this play, they were required to memorize their lines by October 23 to ensure a good performance.

All sets and props were created by the theater design class, whose main focus is to create sets that paint the scene for the audience. There are able to put more attention to detail in this, because the majority of the design team is not performing in the play. The team will create the compelling atmosphere to bring Shakespeare playwrights to life.

The Summerville theater has been working tirelessly on all aspects of this production.

For most students, high school theater is just a hobby or a way to fill some time, but for some of the students performing in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, a theater career is what they aim to pursue. To them high school theater is just a stepping stone to gain practice and knowledge for their future endeavors.

“Theater to me is a way of life, it is so much fun and I love spending my time with my theater friends. Performing gives me that rush that I love. Performing is stressful, but in the end I feel really good about all the effort that I put into making my character, and I know nobody will ever play it the same.” said Nadia Crawford, Helena in Midsummer’s Night dream.

The theater program holds a special place in many students lives.

“The theater program is one of my favorite things about SHS. Ms Williams puts so much effort into making it great and we all feel like so much of a family because we’re all together all the time. It’s important to our school because it’s a program full of legitimately talented people and welcomes anyone who wants to join.”said Mary Katherine White, Cobweb in Midsummer’s Night dream.

The theater team hopes to be make waves with this performance. They are known to put on very detailed and entertaining productions and ‘a Midsummer Night’s Dream’ should not be any different.

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