Italian festival

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Busy street at the Italian festival

This past Sunday many people of the Low-country enjoyed the Italian Festival in Downtown Summerville. It included live music and a wide variety of Italian cuisines, like spaghetti, pizza, ravioli, and a Italian dipping sauce called risotto.


There are plenty of Italians located in the Low-country and many of them were excited to celebrate their heritage in an environment that embraces other cultures.


Some vendors including, Rio Bertolini’s, Pep Rolls, Charleston Spice Company and DAM GOOD DRY RUB were serving excellent Italian food throughout the festival. Many of the people attending the festival enjoyed the pepperoni-pepper pizza, risotto, and spaghetti.


The food tasted really great and was enjoyed by many people of the Low-country. The ravioli and spaghetti were a big hit. Throughout the vendors, many people loved Kona ice and loved trying the different flavors.


“The pasta by Rio Bertolini’s tasted really good with the special Italian sauce” said Emily Stout, Summerville citizen.


Live music was performed by local artists who were glad to come and celebrate Italian heritage with their audience . The artists played upbeat Italian music and slow songs to create the joyful mood of the feast.


The children’s events included face painting, face tattoos, and many other activities geared towards children. The kids also enjoyed the music and food. Most kids really enjoyed the pizza as much as the spaghetti.


“America is a big melting pot of different heritages and that’s what’s great about the Italian Festival because its a bunch Italian’s coming together to celebrate one heritage,” said Bryan Reece, Summerville citizen.


Most Italians here in the Low-country really loved meeting other Italians in South Carolina. They loved learning more about what they have in common and love to be able to share their heritage.


The attitudes of Summerville citizens show a great example of what this Italian Festival is about: enjoying food and celebrating heritage.

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