PHOTOS: Summerville vs. James Island on March 8, 2019

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The softball team is looking forward to a great season in which they will hopefully improve from last year. They hope to make it pretty far into the season, and maybe even to playoffs. The coaching staff is working really hard to help their players get better every day at practice and games.

Although their time on the field is important to every player, having fun is a big part of the game.

“I’m looking forward to bonding with my teammates and having a positive and fun senior season,” said Sarah Barnhill, a senior.

Trust in your teammates is an important part of softball, and every player on Summerville’s team understands that.

“My individual goal this year is to be reliable teammate on and off the field, while also improving my skill sets as a pitcher,” said Carson Shaw, a freshman.

Their team goal is hopefully good enough to get them through the season.

“Our team goal is to have better team chemistry and to build the trust to play well together,” said Sarah Barnhill.

They all our hoping to have a really great season and go really far into the playoffs.

“I expect us to be pretty solid this year. Despite our young team, we have as much talent as anybody out there, and as long as we stick together and stay motivated we will go a long way this season,” said Carson Shaw.

Having very young players will help them throughout the years of playing softball, and everyone is excited to see how the newcomers will progress.

“We had a very strong senior class last year, all of them went on to play college ball, and those are some big shoes to fill. But this year, all of us are prepared and ready to take on the challenge and win some ball games,” said Carson Shaw.

Coach Tucker and the softball team are really excited about this season and the years moving forward.

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