PHOTOS: Mr. Greenwave 2018

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Last Friday, we had a Mr. Green Wave competition where the boys compete in their class to win Mr. Green Wave. The winners in each class were: James Rooker, freshman; Devon Smith sophomore; Jack Schwartz, junior; and Will Jones, senior.

The competition was based on looks, personality, attitude and how they answered the question that was ask of them.

“I had a good attitude towards the judges and crowd,” said James Rooker.

They all had unique ways that made them different from the other competitors, who were mostly athletes.

“I was a dancer, so I could do flips unlike the other competitors who were [different kinds of] athletes,” said Devon Smith.

Most of them have an idea as to why they think they won, or have thought about what they could’ve changed about their performance.

“I had some friends that went around the school to tell people to go to watch me in the Mr. Greenwave competition,” Smith stated.

Many contestants were inspired by their friends or family to do Mr. Green Wave and hopefully win it for them.

“My teacher Ms. Meyer, and my sister who won 2010 Ms. Summerville, [inspired me to compete in the pageant],” said Jack Schwartz.

The categories were based on looks, style, personality, how each contestant made an entrance, and impressions made on the audience.

“We were judged on spirit wear and formal wear,” recalled James Rooker.

All of their impressions on the audience, which varied between contestants based on their personalities, made a huge impact on their performance score.

“I was a great-looking contestant,” joked Jack Schwartz.

They considered their performances to be very entertaining for everyone in the audience and the judges.

“When I saw there were a couple people left in my class, I knew I had a chance to win because I had faith in myself,” said Devon Smith.

All of the contestants did a great job on their performances. They all brought positive attitudes and personalities to the show to show off. Hopefully we see new contestants next year with an even better show.

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