What can YOU get out of a AP course?

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What can YOU get out of a AP course?

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As the year comes to a close, some students are still making the decision on whether or  not to take a AP level course. AP courses may seem daunting and they aren’t for everyone, but a lot of students underestimate their ability to progress and succeed in a faster learning environment.

Many students avoid taking higher level classes because they may be intimidated. This however, can prevent many successful students from taking a course they would otherwise pass.

An AP course is much more than class in preparation for the exam. It also teaches higher level content. Of course, the AP class is meant to prepare a student for the exam, but it also prepares a student for the way college classes run.

The main draw of an AP course is to save money. If you score a 3 out of a 5 scale on the final exam, then you will receive three credit hours and exemption from the actual college class. This can potentially save you around 1500 dollars per AP class passed.

“I think the AP program is super convenient for students who wish to bypass all the intro courses in college that don’t progress to their major. Every college student is required to take into to math, English, and many other sciences and histories” said Skylar Rogers, a junior at Summerville High School.

An AP class requires a lot of out of class activities. Studying, group projects, and other major grades have a large impact on your grade. There’s also a lack of in classwork grades, with both college and AP classes mainly consisting of lecturing, albeit this does not apply to all, some teachers have their own individual way of teaching.

An AP class requires a lot of studying throughout the year to maintain a good grade, this will also influence and help develop your studying habits which are very important for college classes because they are self-oriented and self-motivated.

An AP class can also boost your average GPA if you do well in it. An AP class is scores on a 5 point scale instead of a 3.5/4 point scale of CP classes and Honors.

The AP course route also coincides with the GATE program in middle schools. Many students in the GATE program have taken Algebra 1 and Geometry in 7th and 8th grade, leaving them with less available classes to fill their schedule. That’s where AP classes come in, the students can spend their time taking college-value classes and skip their first semester in college.

To take an AP course you have to be dedicated, but even if you don’t think you will pass the exam there is so much more you can get from an AP course. Taking an AP class could be a worthwhile endeavor for the interested student.

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