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As people are paying more attention of what chemicals may exist in everyday items, it is becoming more common to search for “natural” alternatives that are safer. Something as simple deodorant can cause damage to the body for the rest of one’s life. Being more mindful of how products affect not only one’s own body but also the planet is a beneficial trend that has definitely been gaining popularity.

Even though deodorant is an extremely common product, it is not assessed for safety in the United State. A single stick of deodorant can contain dangerous levels of clinically-demonstrated carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and neurotoxins. Using deodorant once daily (or more) as most people do, these can build up in the body and eventually cause harm (information found on natural deodorant company Corpus’ website).

“Currently, we’re using a plastic applicator,” the Corpus website states, “It is made from a combination of new and recycled plastic (both post-industrial and post-consumer) and is 100% recyclable. The outer packaging is made using sustainable forestry and recycled pulp. Our philosophy is to evolve towards green solutions whenever possible.”

It’s not only deodorant that is getting an all-natural makeover. The Girlfriend Collective makes leggings out of recycled water bottles and fishing nets. They have safe and fun work environments with multiple locations meant to help out different communities around the South Pacific islands.

They source all of their used water bottles in Taiwan, which has now become a world leader in recycling. They also have a wastewater treatment plant only 100 feet from the machines where they create their products so that the water they use to dye fabric does not end up in the water table, rivers, or oceans.

When thinking about buying an “all-natural” product, always consider looking at other sources before purchasing. What works for one person might not work for another. If you have extremely sensitive skin or other medical problems that concern you about buying certain products, always ask a doctor to make sure it is safe.

Though all-natural products are more expensive than “regular” products, there are definite benefits to buying them. If we support companies working towards becoming all natural, we make strides to protect the future of the Earth.

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