Walk For Water Charleston inspires acts of kindness

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Water Mission is a local charity based in Charleston. On March 30th, Water Mission volunteers will being walking for a cause.The event will take place in Riverfront, North Charleston. This charity is a nonprofit and Christian organization that engineers safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (abbreviated as WASH) for those in developing countries since 2001.

350 members are currently working across the world, stretching from Africa to the Caribbean, and was awarded a four-star rating for 12 years by Charity Navigator.

Their charity uses walking to raise awareness for those who walk hours a day to find water and bring it home. Some of the families who they have helped are highlighted on the charity website.

Angelo, a father and teacher, fled violence in South Sudan with his family; now they reside in Uganda like millions of others. Unfortunately for refugees like Angelo, safe water was hard to come by. With a Water Mission system in place, easier access to safe water is helping his family build their new life from the ground up.

Mrs. Hayani is a mother of three children who lives in rural Terjun, Indonesia. She walks up to three miles to get water for her family, from a source that isn’t entirely clean. Recently, a safe water system was placed in her village, and everyone, including her family, are healthier than ever before.

Water Mission has 49 sponsors, including: Bocklet Orthodontics, Charleston Water Systems, Fruit Of The Loom, along with Johnson & Johnson.

Participating in these types of events give the volunteers a new point of view on changing the world with a simple act of kindness. Being selfless and caring to those in your, and other, communities is what volunteering is all about.

Water Mission serves less fortunate communities in need of cleaner water, and by supplying those communities with sources of retrieval, it breathes life back into the community. If you are interested in finding out more, go to Water Mission’s website.

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