Future Teacher: Stephanie Jackson

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Student-teachers are students in college who are studying to become teachers; they work under supervision of teachers. Ms. Stephanie Jackson works as the student teacher for Ms. Hagan in room 207 here at SHS.

Student-Teaching is one of the final steps towards becoming a teacher.

“I started student teaching this year on January 8th, and I’ll be here until April 30th,” Ms. Jackson said.

Ms. Jackson has an interest in the science department for teaching. She plans to be biology teacher when she finishes school.

“I’m getting my biology degree at the College of Charleston.,” said Jackson, “I want to be a high school biology teacher.”

Ms. Jackson wants scientific studies to be taught in school, she said.

“I would love for schools to have different types of biology, instead of just marine,” stated Jackson, “I’d love for there to be entomology, which is the study of insects. I want to teach biology and human anatomy.”

It’s important to know what you want to teach and what you want to do with that subject, Ms. Jackson said, “ My goal is to combine creative arts with biology in order for students to learn biology, that’s my goal.”

Ms. Jackson previous teaching is what led her to discovering her passion for teaching, she says, “I actually was a substitute teacher and while I was subbing I realized that I liked teaching. I used to sub all different grade levels, elementary, middle and high school. Then I realized I wanted to teach high school.”

Being a student-teacher, means getting a hands on experience and learning on what to expect from a teaching job, and that’s what Ms. Jackson is learning from Mrs. Hagan.

“Ms. Hagan is awesome, so awesome,” said Jackson, “I’m learning a lot, she really pushes you to be your best. I’m learning to be more comfortable as a teacher and I’m learning to push myself to become more confident with my own ideas, working with the lessons given, and turning them into my own.”

Ms. Jackson is excited for her future teaching position and knows what kind of teaching methods she wants to apply for her students.

“I’ve learned how to be confident in myself,” said Jackson, “I look at the students and I know when to slow down, it’s not just about lecturing and powerpoint, it’s about taking your time and making that connection, talking to the students so that they can understand better.”

Being a teacher is obviously a very challenging and time consuming job with all the students they have to teach.

“The most challenging part for me would be teaching something like environmental or Earth science,” explained Jackson, “I prefer specific types of biology, like human anatomy.”

It’s big things and the little things that can make teaching so fulfilling.

“Meeting the students, helping them, and building relationships with them is great, but what I look forward to the most is when they stop by the door and they say ‘Hey Ms.Jackson!’,” said Jackson, “It’s so great.”

Teaching can be a hassle, but every teacher does it with passion. It’s important to be reminded why teaching is so great.

“Don’t give up and never lose interest [in teaching],” said Jackson, “Not every day is going to be smelling the roses. You’re going to run into difficult obstacles. That’s the whole point of being a teacher. Just stay focused and always have a plan.”

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