Staying safe during snowstorms

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The winter season is coming upon us, and with that comes snowstorms and cold weather. staying safe during these weather conditions is a priority.

Even in the south, snowstorms can strike us at any moment and bring inches of snow. Virginia, North Carolina, and northern South Carolina were all recently struck by a large snowstorm. Last year, Summerville was hit by a snowstorm that canceled an entire week of school. Due to these storms, citizens in these areas need to know how to stay safe during situations like these.

The first thing that people should do to stay safe during a snowstorm is to always have a generator handy. Having a generator can be useful to keep important items in the house running. Be cautious when using these, as they can produce carbon monoxide or other dangerous fumes.

“Staying inside and not driving when it’s unnecessary is a good method of staying safe,” said Elijah Taylor, freshman, “People usually underestimate these storms [causing them to not] take the necessary measures to stay safe during a snowstorm.”

Another item that is useful is an external power bank or a portable charger. If the power ever goes out, a portable charger to keep items like phones, tablets, and laptops charged is useful. Generators may be dangerous to use to charge phones and laptops as the voltage output could potentially fluctuate, which could damage the charger or the device itself. Generators are mainly designed to keep larger items running, not small devices.

“I think people should stay inside in the heat of their home instead of leaving, but if they do leave they should dress appropriately for outside,” said Haleigh Davis, a freshman, “I feel like people do underestimate these storms since we don’t get much snow here. They don’t really know what’s going to happen. Since we never see snow, many probably go outside in the wrong attire and then probably get sick.”

Having methods of staying warm is very important. One of the best and most convenient methods is having multiple blankets. These are not only useful, but are also easy to find, as they are commonplace in households already. Another item to use to keep warm is a space heater. However, be incredibly careful when using these. Space heaters can cause fires if they are put next to flammable items and can start spreading one in no time.

“Staying inside, having clean drinking water, food, a generator, warm clothing, and lots of blankets are good methods,” said Grayson Smalley, freshman. “Yes they definitely underestimate these storms. When people don’t evacuate or plan ahead it puts their family and themselves in danger, they don’t always take the necessary measures.”

If you’re ever outside the house, always keep watch whenever you’re driving in the snow. The roads usually get very slippery meaning it can be difficult to have good traction, and the snow that can be piled up on the roads can be hard to drive through. In addition, frozen branches on trees and power lines can come down and either block roads or exits, and worst case scenario, fall on a car. Always try to stay inside during a snowstorm unless you really need to go on the roads.

Staying safe during these storms is a very high priority, and if more people would follow these simple measures and methods, there would be less accidents and potentially less casualties. After all, the best part of snowstorms is drinking hot chocolate and playing in the snow on the lawn.

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