SHS hosts Wavesgiving event

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Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and Summerville High has started a competition called “Wavesgiving.”

The event is simple, people bring in canned goods to their first period, and the class with the most canned goods gets Chick-Fil-A. Events like these are very beneficial because the canned goods go to charity for people who do not have enough money for food. With this event, students and teachers are determined to donate as much canned goods as they can.

“I think the students are pretty excited about helping out with Wavesgiving.” said Mrs. Somerville, English teacher at Summerville High School, “I think a potential setback is some people are giving extra credit to kids who are bringing canned goods in while kids who cannot afford canned goods get no extra credit. The best benefit is that it gives students a better understanding of the needs of our community and it helps them try to solve that problem.”

Although teachers share similar opinions, some have different views about students bringing the canned goods in.

“On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d say the students bringing in canned goods is a 2.5 or 3,” said Mrs. Richter, Science teacher at Summerville High School, “Forgetfulness is a setback of events like these. Students forget to bring the canned goods in, say they will bring them in the next day, and forget again. The best part is it still teaches young people that there are people that are not as fortunate and that giving to them is a good thing.”

One of the most important things about events like these is that it teaches students that there are many people that cannot afford food and that when people donate to them, it makes people happy on both sides. Although, some students overlook the purpose of these events and only do it for the reward. Students can also be very forgetful sometimes, sometimes forgetting about the event and bringing the foods in after the event is already over.

Although Wavesgiving is close to an end, students have donated many canned goods, which will benefit many people who do not have any food. Students who have donated foods to the cause show school spirit and will make many people happy. Thanksgiving is a holiday for everyone to get together and be thankful for what they have, and the people who receive the canned food items will be very thankful this year.

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