Students remind the homeless that they are Fundamentally Human

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Students remind the homeless that they are Fundamentally Human

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Two students who have connections to Summerville High School are making some waves in society by helping the homeless.

Alexandria Grant, Summerville High alumni, and Jade Eager, senior, have come up with an inspirational idea to aid the homeless of Summerville and the surrounding areas.

Alexandria and Jade came up with the idea to create toiletry bags that are easy to pass out, cost effective, and are simple to make.

Their project is aimed to help bring back the not necessarily necessities, but the basics of human life. The project wants to help the homeless to feel more like themselves and to not have to sacrifice their hygiene just because of their poor situation. They call their project Fundamentally Human.

“The bags will contain hygienic necessities such as deodorant, toothbrushes, and feminine hygiene products. These items can be very hard to come by for the homeless but make a big impact on their health and well being.” said Grant.

Alex and Jade were inspired by other projects like Fundamentally Human. They really connected with the hopes of those responsible for making a difference in their communities.

A huge concern specifically for homeless women is the need for feminine products. Most packages for homeless people do not contain feminine products but Fundamentally Human pouches will contain the necessary items for these women to have some sense of humanity and dignity whilst being homeless.

By creating this project Alex and Jade hope to inspire other solutions and events to help those in need.

“These [people] are our neighbors and fellow community members, we all need to come together to help one another.” said Grant.

Summerville high school students have the power to positively affect our entire community, we just need to apply ourselves and make it happen.

“ Being kind is important to everyone’s well being. It could make someone’s day, give them hope or just make them feel better” said Zach Sowards a junior.

The end goal for fundamentally human is to make at least 100 toiletry bags and personally pass them out in downtown Charleston. Personally handing them out is a important step in this compassionate project because homeless people generally miss out on basic human interaction due to the stigma around homelessness. Fundamentally human wants to re-establish that connection.

“I could walk by every homeless person I saw and not do anything, nothing would change. If I am not the one to create the change, then who would be? Kindness is driving this project. We need to help other people whether or not it effects us. We need to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and do whatever we can to help them.” said Grant.

It you would like to learn more please go to their page on go-fund-me for all information regarding donations and information of Fundamentally Human.


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