West Farm Corn Maze returns for 14th anniversary

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West Farm Corn Maze returns for 14th anniversary

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In Moncks Corner, West Farm Corn Maze will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to the Lowcountry from September 28 through October 28. Its attractions include vendors, a pumpkin farm, hay rides, farm zoo, and the most popular: the corn maze.

The vendors include: Kona Ice, Palmetto Sun Kettle Corn, and Music Man. They make great food/drinks for people to enjoy at the corn maze. The food includes sweet kettle corn, snow cones, and barbecue sandwiches. Most people enjoyed Kona Ice the most because you could have multiple flavors of snow cones.


Music Man is a popular vendor at the maze that makes barbecue sandwiches, hot dogs cheeseburgers and fries. Most people enjoyed the barbecue sandwiches because you can add different sauces on the barbecue to make it spicy or sweet. They are known for how good their barbecue sandwiches taste.


The corn maze theme this year is “Bee True” because West Farm is trying to bring awareness of the importance honey bees to the public.


In the corn maze there are twelve spots you have to find. Every time you find a spot you have to hole punch it on your card. In addition to the main corn maze, there is a kiddie maze for the little kids.


Pumpkin picking is very much enjoyed by the kids. They love picking out the pumpkins and decorating it the way they want it. Lots of kids picked out the big pumpkins so they can take it home and decorate it. There was an array of  sizes of pumpkins to choose from.


The hay ride is a ride around the perimeter of the corn maze into the woods. The ride is being pulled by a John Deere tractor. Most kids love looking at the flowers and butterflies throughout the ride and they love looking at the animals as they pass by.


The West Farm corn maze is a great place for all ages to come and have fun to do the corn maze and enjoy a lot of other activities for everyone to enjoy. West Farm is fun


The pumpkin barn is the best part about West Farm because you get to look at the animals that include: pigs, chickens, goats and cows. The fun part is you get to pet them and feed them. The animals are good for the young visitors coming to West Farm.


More fun events for little kids are hay bale maze, corn kernel box and swings for the babies. They added new swings and slides for the kids to slide down the big pile of sand.

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