Gus Moody Tournament of Bands

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On Saturday, October 6th, Summerville Bands hosted the Gus Moody Tournament of Bands.

The tournament is proudly named after long time band director here at Summerville, Gus Moody, who worked here at Summerville as the director from 1960 to 1986.

Through Moody’s 26 years of working, he taught thousands of students and impacted thousands of lives. He also assisted the Summerville band in winning three State Championships.

Before Moody became a director and teacher at Summerville. He was a performer in a jazz band and performed until he could not anymore. Music had always been Moody’s biggest life passion.

Gus Moody was known for his hard practices, always pushing his students to do the most, and encouraging his students to always improve themselves.  

Moody was known to have strict standards that had to be met. One of his biggest standards is that his students need to always dress their best and show up to every single practice on time.  This was his way of preparing every student he worked with for the next level in their lives.

“[Moody] just had his standards, and they’d better be met,” Jan Reeves, Moody’s daughter, told the Journal Scene. “And I think that’s why so many people will say why he impacted them in such a great way.”

“He truly enjoyed what he did and he enjoyed being around the kids – and they were crazy about him,” Jim Crump, former student of Moody’s, told the Journal Scene.

Moody’s strictness is what set him apart as a band director.

“It was not just the music.It was the fact that later in life, whether they were a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer or whatever it was…he taught them: this was the standard, and you better meet it,” Reeves told the Journal Scene.

Overall, Moody had an amazing career with many accomplishments.  Moody was inducted into the South Carolina Band Director Hall of Fame and South Carolina Music Directors Hall of Fame, one of many awards he has achieved for his work.

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