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Soundwave highlights Summerville’s student artists

Wyatt Mazyck and Brenden Jones celebrate their best overall win for their group, Sounds of Adolescence, at the Soundwave event on March 2, 2018.

Wyatt Mazyck and Brenden Jones celebrate their best overall win for their group, Sounds of Adolescence, at the Soundwave event on March 2, 2018.

Ryan Okpych

Wyatt Mazyck and Brenden Jones celebrate their best overall win for their group, Sounds of Adolescence, at the Soundwave event on March 2, 2018.

Ryan Okpych

Ryan Okpych

Wyatt Mazyck and Brenden Jones celebrate their best overall win for their group, Sounds of Adolescence, at the Soundwave event on March 2, 2018.

Soundwave highlights Summerville’s student artists

March 7, 2018

On Friday, March 2nd Summerville High School hosted Soundwave, a competition in which the high school’s best  musical performers got to show their talents to a panel of judges.

The judges included Summerville’s own assistant principal Matt Legare, who was the lead singer of his own band in the 1997 Summerville High Battle of the Bands, Sarah Daniel, who also held the leading vocal position in a local band, and Dave Roberts, who’s 20 years of experience in the music industry lead him to be a very impressive presence at Soundwave.

Kelontae Gavin, an SHS graduate and rising gospel star, hosted the show. With copious amounts of wit and impressive improvisational singing skills including a short burst of The Beatles song Twist and Shout, Gavin easily captivated the attention of the audience every time he appeared on stage.

The show was a possibility due to many contributors, most notably senior sponsor and State Farm agent Tony Pope, and the Summerville Wrestling Booster Club.

Several SHS employees and affiliates helped out with the competition as well, including PTSA members, Mr. Troxel, Mr. Edward Phillips Jr., Mr. John Daniels, Mrs. Jennifer Tracy, and our principal Mr. Farrell.

Onto the performance itself, the first act of the night was Summerville junior and the only solo performance of the night: Faith Schueler.

Schueler performed several songs, ending with a nostalgic favorite of many children of the early 2000’s: The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Dressed in a flowing white romper, Schueler seemed very Carrie-Underwood-esque as the quintessential example of a youthful country singer. Her song lineup for the night was not purely country, however, as it also included pop hit Love on the Brain by Rihanna.

Artists like Midnight Tour and MGB and Teasia performed music in the hip-hop genre. MGB’s sentimental tribute to those affected by the school shooting in Parkland, Florida truly evoked an emotional response from both the audience and the judges. He also detailed his struggles throughout the year 2017, and even asked the audience to raise their hand if they had a tough year as well, to which many of them of course responded in agreement.

Caroline Brown and Savannah Mapes surprised the crowd by beginning their performance with a slow walk up the aisles towards the stage as they sang Skyfall by beloved British artist Adele. The girls’ hypnotic harmonies earned ample applause from the audience.

“It was so cool to have fun and do what I love with other people that are passionate about the same thing. It was a really great experience and I can’t wait for next year,” sophomore Caroline Brown expressed her excitement about performing at Soundwave.

Remaining bands Umbala, Sounds of Adolescence, Echo 7 and Divine Purpose finished out the night. They covered several different genres and captivated the hearts of the audience members in their own ways.

Echo 7 gave a more lowkey performance than most other acts of the night, as their music mostly fell under the genre of alternative. Band members Slade Shirah, Ty Richardson, and Chase Culver entertained with songs like the Goldfinger’s 99 Red Balloons.

Sounds of Adolescence covered the classic tune My Girl by The Temptations as well as an impressive rendition of Eye of the Tiger and several other songs.

As for Umbala, the band consisted of a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist and a singer with no single genre to categorize their performance. The band members even represented a range of different looks, with the lead singer in a suit, the drummer in a vest and tie, the bassist in a button-up and the guitarist in a paisley jacket reminiscent of fashion in eras like the 1970’s. Besides their diverse looks, the band performed well together.

“My band is playing Fly Me to the Moon, a jazz song, and Just Got Paid, which is more of a classic rock song,” explained the guitarist of Umbala, junior Daniel Dougherty.

“Music is love and I strive to be in every music event I can find,” Dougherty continued, stating his feelings on performing. Umbala won the award for best band performance.

Divine Purpose was the last performance of the night, dazzling the audience with their awe-inspiring ability to sing gospel. Their melodies had audience members on their feet and enthusiastically singing along to familiar church music.

Three awards were handed out at the end of the night: best band performance, best vocal performance, and best overall performance.

MGB and Teasia secured the best vocal performance award, Umbala took home the title of best band performance, and the coveted accolade of best overall performance went to Sounds of Adolescence.

Although every performance received a warm reception from the audience, Sounds of Adolescence definitely held the largest amount of supporters within the crowd. During their high-energy performance, the band consisting of six different members had dozens of supporters on their feet and calling out band members names in enthusiastic encouragement.

When it was announced that Sounds of Adolescence won the overall award, family members and other supporters rushed the stage in glee.

Soundwave 2018 was an exciting event and a successful night for many, even those who did not take home a title. Summerville is home to many talented performers, and the chance to see the eight gifted musicians that performed at Soundwave was a great one.



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