The evolution of Kidz Bop

The KidzBop logo has not varied much since it's original creation.

The KidzBop logo has not varied much since it's original creation.

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Kidz Bop has been around through all of our childhoods. Since it’s first album in 2001, it has left a mark on children all across the world with its “by kids for kids” slogan. Kidz Bop makes its mark making covers for the year’s most popular music. From 2001 to 2017, Kidz Bop has put out 36 cover albums ranging from 12 to 24 songs an album, and a forever changing cast to keep its fresh and youthful appearance. Obviously, things have changed since 2001, but Kidz Bop still keeps it cool and classic.

To show how much Kidz Bop has changed, we listened to the first Kidz Bop and the most recent, Kidz Bop 36. Reviewing it, we realized many similarities and differences.

As for the original Kidz Bop, we can say that the music quality was amazing and covered many hits not only from 2001, but from the late 90s as well. It was also covered by adults with kids sing the background vocals. It also had stronger and stabler vocals than it’s later releases and doesn’t only cover particular songs from the year it was released.

When it comes to Kidz Bop 36, we can say that the music quality was lacking and was covered all by children. It also only covered songs from what was popular at the time, and was made up covers of releases that came out 3 months before at the earliest. Also the vocals weren’t very stable and strong.

As for similarities, it still keeps true to its mission of making music appropriate for younger kids. It also still covers popular songs that kids listen to and would like to hear. Other than that, there weren’t many similarities seeing that the times have changed.

In conclusion, Kidz Bop has evolved into something way different from their original release. In its almost 17 years of business, Kidz Bop has earned the love of many children all over the world, changing things to be more fitting to the trends of the times.

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