Jesus Walks- Week 2

November 9, 2017

On Monday, Nov 11 Jesus went to dance during 5th period. The dance instructor for the day was a visiting teacher from New York. The students learned a dance and then performed it in front of each other at the end of class.


Wyatt Olson: How do you feel about going to dance?

Jesus Alarcon: Well, the class is full of girls, so I had no problem with going.

WO: Typically students sterotypically see dance as a feminine activity… In the class you participated in, there was another male student. Did that make you feel more comfortable?

JA: Yes there was another dude in there; I didn’t really care that there was another guy in the class- I just wanted to see what the class was like. To be completely honest, I wanted to dance with another girl-ha!

WO: Was it hard to learn a dance, or was it easy to catch on?

JA: It was fairly easy. I found that the time passed very fast while the class learned the choreography

WO: Was dancing in general hard to accomplish?

JA: I was able to learn the moves, yet putting it all together was difficult at times.

WO: Were there some terms that you did not know or different names for dance moves that everyone else in the class knew?

JA: The only moves I knew were the nae nae, the whip, and the dougie. After the class, I learned one sweet move, but I forgot its name.

Wyatt Olson

WO: Would be a fun class to take for an entire course?

JA: I would take class for the fun of it, and to learn some groovy moves.

WO: Did you feel accomplished that you were able to learn a dance within the class period?

JA: Yes, I can probably still remember the dance. It would be horrible dancing on my part, but I feel accomplished.

WO: It is said that many athletes also partake in dance classes to be light on their feet. Do you agree that dance would help an athlete?

JA: Yes totally, I felt like a ballerina. I think it makes the athletes focus on their footwork, which would translate to their sport

WO: What was your biggest take away from your time in dance?

JA: My biggest take away from it was that I am not ready to dance at prom at all. I think I’ll go back to dance class a couple of times before the dance, you know- I’ve got to impress my date.

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