Third Thursday: from a business perspective

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Third Thursday: from a business perspective

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Every month, local businesses go to historic downtown Summerville for the Third Thursday event with its unique small town charm and locally sourced goods.

Behind the perfectly stocked shelves and open doors into shops, it almost seems like organized chaos. Many small businesses attend the event, lining up and down the street.

Kathy Lindell, a new business owner, opened her candy shop, Simple Treasures, just hours before Third Thursday began.

“This is my first day, so my favorite part right now is watching all the people and their responses to [the store],” Lindell said, standing behind the counter of fudge in her newly decorated store.

She wanted to open something that Summerville didn’t have, so she chose a candy store.

“What I like about Third Thursday, this one being my first one when we’re open, is that we also have the Sweet Tea Festival, so there’s a lot of extra activity going on as well” Lindell shared.

However, running a small business isn’t always a cakewalk.

“[It’s hard] getting a business license, making everything come together and having things done on time,” said Ms. Lindell, laughing.

Despite the difficulties, Ms. Lindell loved opening a store and loves the location of it in Summerville.

“I think it’s a fabulous location, there’s so much growth going on,” Ms. Lindell explained.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, one of the oldest stores in South Carolina participated in the event.

Guerin’s Pharmacy opened in 1871 and has operated as an independant pharmacy since then, making it the oldest pharmacy in South Carolina at 146 years old.

Just last week, the store was deemed to be so historic it received a plaque in front of it describing its history.

“It’s all the people that make the event so great,” Guerin’s Pharmacy employee Lucas Stoffer shared of Third Thursday.

Many businesses, both old and new, continue to pop up every month, adding new excitement and keeping the Third Thursday tradition alive.












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