Exclusive on Culinary Arts

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Exclusive on Culinary Arts

Mary Taylor and Yaniece Little

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This year at SHS added an experienced Culinary Arts teacher named Mr. Huff to their staff to lead a new class.
Many people may not know that this is Mr. Huff’s First year teaching at Summerville High School. It is his first time teaching culinary Arts in this type of setting.
He decided to start teaching here because he wanted to give back to a younger generation. Before Mr. Hoff became a teacher, he was a Chief for a company called Airmark for 7-8 years. He was also an executive chief at Clemson University. Teaching individuals how to cook and being part of a team is his daily routine.
Mia Cambell, senior, said “I don’t really have any experience besides cooking at home for my family. Chef Huff is a great teacher, he makes it fun to learn and some of the recipes are delicious!”
Chandler Bunch, freshman, said he took culinary arts “because it seemed like an interesting life skill I could use later on in life. It has been an eye opening experience seeing the careers I could become a part of.”
While Chef Huff’s class this year is Intro to Culinary Arts, Mr. Farrell said that “next year, there will be a new Culinary Arts facility built with a kitchen and a dining room.”

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