Awendaw Green: first installment of ’the list’

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Awendaw Green: first installment of ’the list’

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Our state has a large amount of hidden attractions, entertainment and just overall really cool things that most do not know about. And, I have taken it upon myself to explore these attractions all throughout this year. Today’s is Awendaw Green, just one stop of the many I will visit this year.
Awendaw Green, ‘the Barn Jam’, located in Awendaw South Carolina. What is it you ask?
“I still wonder that after ten years. Awendaw Green is community of people who support original music…we connect good people to good causes through music…” explained Eddie White, creator and manager of the live music venue.
“It just kind of happened, we didn’t really mean for it to. My son was in the 6th grade and he started playing music, and I started meeting musicians and it made me like musicians more, and the music more and before you knew it, Awendaw Green was born” said White.
Although White created and runs Awendaw Green, he does not own it. Seewee Outpost actually owns the property – they just let White use the space.
According to White, there’s actually not a lot of profits that come from this small venue. The profits that they do receive get put back into the venue itself.
“We put all the money back into the enterprise. We are basically self sustaining. There’s not many profits that come in, so I’m what’s called in the business, a music philanthropist” said White.
Artists from all over the country lineup to come and play at Awendaw Green. Ever since it first opened in 2008, it’s been a stop off for small and upcoming artists to come play in front of an accepting crowd.
“Awendaw Green is so important for us local artists. They are a huge supporter of the music community. They help upcoming bands like mine get started…They are such a big staple in our community” said Jay Van Raalte, vocalist and electric guitar player of Jump Castle Riot.
“We do this year round, nonstop, every Wednesday night. We’ve been rained out twice in the three years that I have worked here. Otherwise, we do not close” said Mike Roberts, volunteer worker at Awendaw Green.
There are so many people in our community who come out and enjoy the great music scene that this amazing place has to offer, such as Mark Bryan from the well known band, Hootie and the Blowfish.
Bryan actually jumped up on stage at one point in the night and sang “Sweet Tea” with Doug Jones, another artist playing that night.
“It is so important to get out and play. That’s why I like Awendaw Green so much. It gives young bands a chance to come and play in front of people. Any chance you get, play. You get better at what you do and you can let people hear you more” asid Bryan.
Laura Albenesius, a local lover of music and regular attendee of Awendaw Green commented, “It is one of my favorite places in the world. It’s a haven on a Wednesday night where you can just kind of get out hang out under the trees and listen to some good music. It’s beautiful.”
If you’re ever in the mood for some good food, an unusual, but fantastic atmosphere, wonderful people, and just overall great music, definitely make a stop into Awendaw Green. You won’t regret it.

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