Enthusiasm over experience

Winthrop cup of 2012

Gracie Fulcher

Winthrop cup of 2012

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Model United Nations is a competition team that meets every Friday during ILT in Mr. Lewis’s classroom. This year’s team is different from the teams of previous years in that there is only one returning member. Every member of the team is competing for the first time Mar 23-25, except for senior Bryce Wilson.

“It’s interesting because I was only at one competition yet I’m the experience on the team” Wilson said.

In Model UN students pose as delegates from their assigned countries and represent each country in different councils at competition. During these sessions, countries will debate on different resolutions just like the real UN.Students are judged on their abilities to follow and use Winthrop’s rules as they give speeches, use points of information (questions), and argue their points productively.

“They come to me a lot with questions, and it’s hard because I was only in one committee so I only know particularly about that committee, but other people are asking me so I expand my horizons” Brice said about his teammates, who look to him for advice and insight on what competition will look like.

“[He] strategiz[es] with us, going over how to get everyone on your side” explained team member Anabelle Baxter, sophomore and Political Security delegate for Spain.

The team is split up into five groups, each representing a different nation. The five nations SHS’s team will be representing this year are Mali, Argentina, Haiti, Finland, and Spain.

Each nation has three sub-divisions, Political Security, Social-Humanitarian, and Legal. Spain is different in that it is also a part of the European Union and the Security Council, so there are five delegates on that team, and Finland is a member of the European Union as well, so there are four delegates on its team.

Wilson was a part of the 2015 Model UN team, serving on the Political Security committee for his former country, North Korea. This year he is a part of the Security Council for Spain.

“That’s a new experience for me because with [Security Council] it’s a smaller group of people and it’s more hard hitting” Wilson shared.

Whatever the Model UN team of 2016 lacks in experience, it makes up for in enthusiasm. The delegates have spent time working on their speeches and analyzing resolutions, all to prepare them for the big competition at Winthrop.

“This year’s team seems a lot more excited and more professional” Bryce commented on his team and their progression towards winning the Winthrop cup. “I think this team is very, very well geared to do extremely well.”

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