The Wave Breaker


Mission Statement

As an organization of Summerville High School students, The Wave Breaker will strive for excellence in its pursuit of the truth. This paper is meant to inform its readers of event that are both relevant and important to the student body, faculty, and community. It is also a creative force that thrives on reporting events in a ways that not only informs, but also entertains.

The Wave Breaker reporters and editors will not be biases or corrupt when delivering the news, but instead report in a manner that is accurate, reliable, and balanced. While reporting the facts, staff members will not corrupt the truth, nor will they act in an unethical manner.

Thus, The Wave Breaker will report what is accurate, honest and fair in an informative and entertaining way.

SHS Mission Statement

Summerville High School is dedicated to providing exemplary education through the collaborative efforts of students, parents, staff and community by providing a safe environment that nurtures, challenges, and enables individuals to achieve their full potential and prepares them to be lifelong learners who are college and career ready.

The student news site of Summerville High School.